What we're about

We host events for and by software developers in Syracuse, NY. Our goal is to gather professional or aspiring devs together in real life to chat, learn from each other, and build out stronger networks.

We'll be organizing a mix of events not tied to any one programming language or framework. If you’re interested in hosting your own event, please reach out to the organizers and we’ll get you set up.

Aside from in-person events, we host a community Slack group. Learn more and sign up at https://syracuse.io/community

Upcoming events (4+)

OpenHack: Code together, on anything. 🤓️💻️🤘️

Commonspace Work

What we'll do

  • OpenHack is a casual social coding meetup with a simple purpose: Code together, on anything.

Here’s how OpenHack works:

  • You can hack on anything! Any language, framework, public/open-source, personal projects, client work… anything!
  • You don’t have to have an idea to hack on, you can come join someone else
  • We’ll kick things off with a quick round of introductions, to say who you are, what you’re working on, and if you’d like help with your idea
  • Food and drinks will be provided
  • Feel free to join us - bring a laptop, a project, and a friend!

We welcome local developers and designers of all skill levels, interests, ages genders, you-name-it to get together to write code or push pixels. We’ll provide good food, good people, and creative energy.

See more at https://syracuse.io/groups/open_hack/

What to bring

  • A laptop if you're bringing a project, but not required

Important to know

  • Please review our Code of Conduct before attending: https://syracuse.io/code-of-conduct/

holiday hometown help: from code to jobs

Online event

help is hard to ask for. so we are going out of our way to offer it. join in for a conversation with 2 syracuse software professionals whose only purpose for being on this meet up is to help you however they can, with a job search, a coding problem, or anything else they are qualified to discuss. 3 attendee maximum.

introductions - everyone says hi - 5 minutes
narration - discussing what we want help with - 5 minutes
deliberation - working on solutions - 40 minutes
conclusion - wrapping it up - 10 minutes

good topics
- getting a job search started
- navigating syracuse job market
- current software design problems
- current software engineering problems

2 software professionals selected from a local group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs

501(c)3 means free
we're just volunteers, no one is getting anything out of this except good feelings. we're just citizens like you making ourselves available to anyone who needs help and has a hard time asking

Women in Coding - Holiday Cookies, Code, Chat and Network

210 Teas

For this meeting we'll be hosting a year end free in-person casual co-working session! Bring your laptop, a notebook, or book, and let's work together on our own coding projects together (or ask for help if you're stuck).

All levels welcome!

Women In Coding hosts a monthly meetup on the second Saturday of the month. Each month we'll be teaching and group programming in a different language/topic. Usually no previous coding experience is necessary, although some familiarity with basic HTML and CSS can be helpful.

Big thank you to Hack Upstate (hackupstate.com) and CODES (codesyracuse.org) for sponsoring our meetups.

syr(js): Syracuse JavaScript Meetup [Remix]

316 S Clinton St

This event is in person! Meeting at directlink.ai HQ:
316 S Clinton St
Syracuse, NY 13202

When you arrive, put a message in Slack and we'll call up the elevator.

I'm thinking of taking a look at Remix. Let me know your thoughts in the Syracuse.io #javascript channel!

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OpenHack: Code together, on anything. 🤓️💻️🤘️

Commonspace Work

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