What we're about

This Group is an Open and Fun Practice GROUP for Anyone with an Interest, Love or Passion for The Martial Arts and Especially The modern and traditional martial arts of Russian and Eastern Europe.


Our group is open to all skill levels and all ages of people with a sincere desire to meet and practice the Slavic martial arts.

Never Heard of Systema? No Problem.

Here's what you need to know.

Systema - Russian Martial Art - is a phenomenal full-spectrum martial system, and is rooted in ancient warrior traditions of Eastern Europe.

The Most Modern Version of Systema is practiced and used by the Elite Russian Special Forces Known as The Spetznaz. Systema has NO Formal Techniques.

Instead Systema teaches you a set of universal and powerful principles of body movement, physiology and psychology that "systematically" unlock your bodies own natural ability to defend itself and survive, giving you the unlimited capacity to to adapt to what ever situation or circumstance you may find yourself in protect yourself and survive.


In addition to being perhaps one of the most efficient forms of self defense ever devised.

The drills and principles of Systema gradually rejuvenate your body and mind faster and more effectively than most forms of modern physical fitness because its based on a unique combination of ancient Slavic health systems as well as modern advancements in sports psychology and physiology.

You'll simply Move Better, Feel Better, and Perform better Physically and Mentally.

Your Body and Mind Will Be More Relaxed and You'll simply find yourself more happy and energized at the end of each session.

It's a unique aspect of the art that you actually become more re-vitalized after each session than you were before you started it


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