August Gameday


Come out and play with the funnest group of airsofters in Washington, on Saturday August 24th @ 10AM!

Below is a list of requirements prior to the Game. Please read them;
1) Wear clothes!: and if gear, wear the same color patterns. This is important in the way we split teams up.
2) Bring your own gun, if you need a gun we have rentals for $30-$50 for all day with batteries and 1-2 magazines.
3) Bring some bb's, we have plenty for sale if you need them.
4) Come with an honest spirit and a passion for the game.
5) Remember your waivers, and if under 18, have your parents sign and date for you. See link below to access the waiver or go to the 'More' tab and click on 'Files'. Please check out the rules while you're there also! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Bolt..........