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This group is an introduction to Tai Chi (Yang style/short form), learning the steps and practice helps develop and utilize the internal Chi (energy force) within you.

Tai Chi Chuan (Meditation in motion): Excellent form of exercise for all age groups. Among many benefits include stress release, enhanced balance, focus, strengthening of the central nervous system and reflex, improve blood circulation, digestion and muscle control and boost immune system. Also enhance tool for other sport and activities as well as for self-defense. (Don’t need special attire).

Meeting will take place in Westminster Presbyterian Church (Entrance at 83 Chestnut Street, (a block from the state capitol). Albany, NY 12210

Parking is available in church parking lot. You don’t need to be a member of the church; I am also not a member.


Everyone is welcome to the classes.

I have taught Karate for over 30 years, and Tai Chi for over 18 years. I just enjoy teaching and feel very reward in seeing my student progress.

If anything you wish to give in return, is to stay with it and practice at home to develop your Chi. It will not be an easy exercise to learn (involve the mind and body to work in unison to develop and control/channel your inner energy ‘Chi’). On the average it may take 4 month to fully learn the complete set (Yang style short form). You will be well on the way to feel the benefit after about 1 month of sincere dedication. You will get what you put in and more.

If you have any further question – please feel free to call 518-669-5138 (for fast respons) or write to PURPLE9@NYCAP.RR.COM or JJFLASH9@OUTLOOK.COM (please send your email address - because meetup.com email system is very awkward to corresponds).

Please note this meetup group is not to promote your business. It is to benefit you the student and is offered as a service I Ed provide as a good deed.

Sincerely Thanks ! EJLouie ‘Purple 9’

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