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JUNGLE is an exciting and challenging team-based training session featuring city-wide games, functional Parkour-based movement and gymnastics-level conditioning! Designed specifically to strengthen both body and mind, JUNGLE is firmly a team environment - We work together. We are united in our goals. We are one team and one tribe. We start together and we finish together!

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Watch this video to hear Ben talking about why 'the gym' isn't for everyone! >


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JUNGLE starts with a challenge! Upon booking you will receive some secret instructions that will allow you to locate our undercover Tanatu operative, somewhere in central London! You will need to covertly follow the operative who will lead you to the start location, but stay on your toes - Our operatives are good at losing a tail!

1 - Once all participants have arrived at the secret start location we will warm up together and begin the first round of training - functional movement. Together we will learn some basic movement skills and complete some functional challenges.

2 - The second phase of the session involves learning a new skill or completing a team challenge. These might be physical or endurance challenges, developing mental skills and abilities, or a mix of the two.

3 - The final phase is all about conditioning. This is where we put in the work! Gymnastics-inspired body conditioning makes you strong, resilient and develops your power to weight ratio.

Once our work is done participants are welcome to stay and relax with the team!

JUNGLE is designed for people with an intermediate to advanced level of fitness. If you're unsure whether JUNGLE is for you please email info@tanatu.com! If you're ready to jump in then sign up now!

JUNGLE goes ahead in ALL CONDITIONS. We do not yield to rain / snow / wind / heat... We CONQUOR IT!

I'm looking for something competitive - - - JUNGLE is NOT for you - we are Spartan-level united. We support, encourage and invest in each other. We do not compete with each other, just with the elements!

What should I wear? - - - Sports clothes with a comfy pair of running trainers - ideally something with heel cushioning/support. It is also a good idea to bring a jumper for afterwards.

What happens if I'm late? - - - In some cases we are able to accommodate latecomers, but we are not able to guarantee it - please make sure you are on time!

If you have a pre-existing medical or physical condition that prevents you from safely taking part in exercise please make us aware of it before signing up to this event. If you have any doubts as to whether you should be taking part in exercise please consult your doctor.

We offer a limited number of places at each JUNGLE event, so unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on unused tickets.

Thanks for checking out JUNGLE - We hope you can come along and be a part of our TRIBE! If you know someone else who you think might find JUNGLE interesting or enjoyable, please share this page with them!


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Tanatu Jungle - Fitness Together! - Thurs 13th June

Piccadilly Circus


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