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Welcome to TAP Spirits’ MeetUp group!

We are a hub of education, exploration, and enrichment as we focus on bringing balance and harmony into the lives of those in our community through a Holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) approach.

This MeetUp will showcase the different events, classes, speakers, & practitioners from the TAP Spirit store in historic Fort Langley.

TAP Spirit will offer a variety of events and opportunities that cater to people on all walks of life. From personal development to spiritual exploration, check back in frequently for new an upcoming events.

Expect to see the follow types of events:
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Energy Healing Work
• Divination Work (Tarot, Tea Leaf Reading etc)
• Counselling and Personal Development Presentations
• Women’s Support Workshop
• Full Moon Events
• Indigenous Teachings
• And more!

Upcoming events (5+)

Sessions with Aiydin | Pranic Healing & Tarot Readings

Aiydin joins us on Wednesdays offering both Healings and Readings.🙌 With over 20 years of study under his belt, Aiydin specializes in a non-touch healing modality called Pranic Healing. This form of healing has fantastic results in supporting physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. In fact, to be considered a Certified Pranic Healer, Aiydin had to demonstrate an 80-90% medically supported recovery rate with his clients.😮 Aiydin also loves integrating Tarot into intuitive readings. Careful though, his straight to the point style of reading tends to create a shift in his clients as he aims to empower and help them connect to their true potential.☕️ Want the best of both worlds? Book a "Messages from the Chakras" healing and reading. This 1.5hr session utilizes Tarot and Oracle readings with the healing energies of Pranic Healing.✨ ❤️Aiydin will be instore on Wednesday this week between 11-5pm. Drop-in or give us a call [masked]) to save your spot.❤️

Psychic Development for Beginners

TAP Spirit

Develop Your Psychic Abilities for Beginners Sarah Janzen is a Psychic Medium, Psychic teacher and Reiki Master for people and pets. She connects to spirit guides, passed over loved ones and client’s own higher selves when doing readings, healings and psychic sessions. Sarah’s psychic works mainly focus on the spiritual counselling of Oracle Cards and mediumship, but Sarah also connects with spiritual clearings, pendulums and much more. Sarah’s monthly Develop Your Psychic Abilities Class is designed to help you learn how to work with your guides, connect with your own psychic abilities and develop your natural-born relationship with the universe. Class topics include: Oct 16th- Oracle Cards Classes begin with meditations designed to help you remember your innate abilities and fun exercises to build your confidence. Sarah teaches with patience, compassion and a whole bunch of humour!! Classes are safe, fun and light-hearted. If you have always wondered if you have psychic abilities, the answer is YES!!! We all do!!! Sarah’s class is a perfect way to explore your intuitive side while embracing the joys of working with Spirit! Event Fee: $30 or $99 for 4 events (July 17th, August 14th, September 18th, October 16th) Supplies included in the cost. RVSP with Sarah @[masked] | [masked]

Sessions with Tully | Astrology Readings & Intuitive Insights

Thursday means that Tully is instore offering Astrology Readings🌟 Through the practice of Intuitive Astrology, Tully offers guidance, clarity, and increased self awareness. Ones natal chart is a snap shot of the influences of the heavenly bodies at the moment the first breath was taken on this planet. It reveals the patterns in One's life and personality that One can grow and learn from. We all have blessings and challenges. That which inherently manifests destructively, with conscious effort can be made constructive, allowing one to achieve great success in life. Having your natal chart read can shed light on your strengths, areas for growth, relationship patterns, career potentials, family dynamics and the shadow self with lessons associated with them. In this session, you will receive a copy of your natal chart. We will focus the majority of the session on the natal chart and the lessons, potentials and dynamics that exist within it. Another service can be taking a look at upcoming major life transits and the current themes and lessons affecting the life. The goal of this session is to provide the client with an objective view of their constitution in life and support them in making choices. One reading provides the awareness to avoid pitfalls and stagnancy, to claim your power, to rise into your success, and into your destiny! Follow up with Tully throughout the year, to maintain growth, to achieve greater self-awareness/compassion, and to learn to overcome challenges. These sessions contain a large amount of information and are audio recorded and shared to you for your review. Tully is in store on Thursdays between 11am-5pm and offers Astrology readings. Drop-in or give us a call [masked]) to make an appointment and look at how the stars are influencing you.

Journey to Joy: Discovery of Sacred Purpose

TAP Spirit

Sharing the wisdom of 13 Universal Laws, 13 Divine Qualities, and 12 Dimensional Growth Patterns connected to a 13 chakra system, Kathleen teaches how things work in the higher realms, alignment of mind, heart, will with Divine Mind, Heart, Will. Using a deck that was co-created with her guidance, Cards of Balance, she also explains how to eliminate with heart consciousness the entrenched belief systems of lack of self-Love and lack of self-worth that are connected to our core issues of sorrow, shame, anger, and fear. Kathleen expands on these understandings along with the Divine Knowing of forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude embedded within the colourful tri-flame in our heart chakra; peace, Love, and joy is Who We Are. This information aids us in discovery of sacred mission and purpose — why we have incarnated on Earth at this exciting time of great change — our piece to the puzzle to help bring, not only our selves, but this beautiful planet to harmony, balance. Event Fee: Suggested donation of $20 RSVP with Kathleen at [masked] ------------------- For the last 8 years Kathleen has studied channeled messages — how things work in the higher realms — in order to share the harmony of above, below on Earth, on Gaia. Because of her own extreme personal disarray, she has been interested how to create balance from the chaos of habitual judgement, abuse, addiction. Kathleen explains how to eliminate with a very simple practise of forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude, the old systems of lack of self-love and lack of self-worth connected to core issues of sorrow, shame, anger, and fear.

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