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This Meetup is a passion project of sorts. The organizer grew up in the suburbs of what is now known as one of the world's well-recognized, dance/music destinations. Twenty years on, he's transcended into another chapter in life and has found himself living in the suburbs again, which often limits time and access to the city. If there is one thing to truly CHERISH in life, it's the ability to slip away [from 'it all'] and find a small, quaint dance-floor to sweat it out! When one has to drive 30+ minutes from home, these 'getaways' become increasingly tricky to coordinate with friends and/or in managing the logistics of a designated driver, paying a significant cab fare, or worse..

With this Meetup..the organizer is hoping to connect with individuals/couples from all walks of life (21+) who have found themselves subsisting in these ever growing NW Suburbs of Hennepin Cty, and are likely without a community of spirited friends who also share a passion for being enveloped in commanding low-end rhythms, fragmented lyrical and melodic elements, reverberate sonic textures, shimmering lights, deep shadows & atmospheric effects...and all of this while being close(r) to home!

While 'dance music' can be a catch-all phrase, our desire is to provide for a deeper experience where most of the music is curated by the DJ for long-play, versus taking requests like a jukebox or the FM radio. Typically, electronic-based music relies on heavy bass, rhythm & lots of "vibes". There are dozens of styles, all with their own merit of respectability/enjoyment. The organizer has his preferences and a desire to further certain sounds, but we're really looking for the group to pilot the experience, collectively!

With respect to all who enter the space: the only expectation is that all bodies exercise PLUR [peace, love, unity & respect]...

Our initial discussion(s) might involve establishing who is committed, versus who wants to be casually involved. Once we've formed a core group of committed members, we'd like to explore and establish a home space where we can negotiate with the proprietor to plant our proverbial flag. Essentially, we will approach a venue, and substantiate our viable group of individuals (the Meetup) who are interested in gathering for a monthly dance party & celebrating as 'one nation under a groove'!

In the Discussions, we also hope to talk about how our paths lead to this point; how/where we were first exposed to 'dance music culture' and what music, artists & genres really get us moving on the dancefloor!

ALSO, once you've joined..be sure to take a look at our Polls! We want your input at every stage.

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