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Greetings, Readers,

Our bi-monthly meeting is next week, Monday, October 8, from 6p–8p. This will be our last meeting of the year. Next month is the regular UX Meetup, and in December we usually have a more festive "meeting."

Unless I get requests to change the venue, we will meet up at Gluek's Restaurant and Bar:


Lunch & Dinner Menu

There is metered parking around the block, which I'm told is cheaper than the lot next to the restaurant. There are no events and the manager seemed confident that we should find parking and not need reservations.

A point of business before we proceed. At the last book club meeting, no one attended, even though people had selected "yes." I sat at the table I reserved at the Red Stag Supper Club for the entire two hours. Please, do not select "yes" unless you are fairly certain you can attend. And if something changes, please change your answer to "no." I check and adjust our reservations up to the day of the event. Red Stag was very understanding, but I don't think this makes us look good since they make exceptions for our group.

Because there seemed to be a decent amount of interest in our last title, I thought I would just put it back on the list for this month. See below for the link to the video as a refresher or in place of reading the book. Additionally, I thought it might be nice to wrap up the year by swapping war stories and sharing advice and tips.

Have a great week, Everyone!


August book and links:

Frank Chimero ( ) gave a talk at Build ( ). He later published a book via Kickstarter ( ), the idea of which alone could make for an incredible evening of conversation as so many of you have ideas worth promoting! The book is The Shape of Design ( ). I am tempted to say "Let's use the video of the talk as our 'book.'" My mind is already racing about the issues he raises in the talk; I can't wait to start reading the book! There is a lot of great material in the talk alone, so if you have a hard time finding the time (or money) for the book, you can still watch the video and contribute to the conversation. On his Kickstarter page, Frank notes that the video is the book's "little brother, the seed-form of the ideas…in The Shape of Design." With the heat of summer and vacations and everything else August brings (did I mention the heat?), being able to watch the video (40 minutes) should ease any angst about finding the time to read the book. You can buy the book directly from Frank's site: PLEASE NOTE: If you buy the book ($29.99), you get the ebook ($9.99) for free!

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