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Sep 18, 2012


Enjoy tennis and good friends. Check out my revised online article on tennis! It's the detail of a geocache that I placed in Midland, MI at a tennis park:

How long have you been playing tennis?

Throughout life.

What is your USTA rating? Go to

Going by USTA definitions and current Ultimate Tennis tournament rating of 4.5- (low-end or 'beginning' 4.5). My best tennis so far has been making it to the 'UT' 4.0 rated semi-final and winning one 'UT' 4.5 rated match. Not minding at all however to play with others at different levels, and have volunteerd to help teach many players and friends allot of proper techniques and a variety of efficient tips to help improve their games.

Are there any skills you would like to improve in your game?

Always motivated to improve all areas of skill in tennis and enjoy days reserved for practice drills/clinics. Coach Barbara has definitely helped me improve my game allot when I've attended many of her highly professional, awesome, and very fun clinics. Would highly recommend to anyone who would like to improve their tennis skills.

How often would you like to play?

Typically 4 times per week (that includes the practice day - however it has lately been turning into another game day somehow :-)

Where is your favorite place to play?

Places with scenery and atmosphere (trees, birdies, shrubs..) =)