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We are getting together to talk about technology in general, architecture, scalability, agile, programming languages and best practices and have fun together while drinking beer.

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Microservices Made Easy with Open Source

Instituto Pedro Nunes, Edifício D

Talk #1 Title: CI and CD -- Working Together to Frequently Release Microservices Description: Jason Fama will present how TDX delivers multiple times a sprint with a combination of continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment. And, we'll discuss strategies when you want to release frequently on brand new projects. By Jason Fama Bio: Jason Fama, VP of Engineering at Talkdesk, has worked at a variety of San Francisco Bay Area startups, as well as larger companies post-acquisition. He has been lucky enough to work on algorithms, data science, agile practices, DevOps, and management. In addition to having work accepted in AI Magazine and several conferences, Jason holds more than 20 patents ranging all the way from data science optimization algorithms to heuristic optimization algorithms, though he is perhaps best known for bringing brownies to work on a regular basis. Jason holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk #2 Title: Microservices development with Microprofile and Quarkus Description: Java enterprise development has a new player, Quarkus. Sponsored by Red Hat, Quarkus uses Java standards like CDI and Microprofile as a base to develop lightweight microservices. Small memory footprint and fast boot time are some of the main base features. In this presentation we'll show some implementation examples and how to use the latest Java frameworks to solve real-world problems. By Bruno Baptista Bio: Bruno Baptista is a Java and Open Source technology developer and Tech Lead Engineer at Talkdesk. With over 12 years as an enterprise-level engineer, he has lead QA and development teams, garnered skills in software design and development process. He is an Apache TomEE contributor, Microprofile.io committer, JUG organizer in Coimbra, co-founder of Cork JUG in Ireland and co-founder and organizer of the JNation.pt conference.

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Instituto Pedro Nunes, Edifício D

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