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The purpose of this Meetup group is to invite individuals who seek to study Buddhism which promises to save all people into true happiness without discrimination. These individuals must also have a strong desire to share Buddhism with their friends and family, neighbors, acquaintances, and people in their communities.

Put simply, this Meetup group is for those who aspire to be Buddhist teachers.

Specifically, we will be covering the following topics:

(1) What exactly is true happiness taught in Buddhism?
-What is the true meaning of Buddha?
-Who is Shakyamuni Buddha?

(2) The law concerning the cause and effect of happiness
-The law of cause and effect
-The mechanism of destiny

(3) Seeds of happiness
-The standards of good deeds as taught in Buddhism
-The six good deeds, the specific good acts instructed in Buddhism
-If you want to be happy, give
-Recommendation for smiles and kind words

(4) True meditation
-The story of the Osha castle tragedy included in Meditation Sutra
-The five practices that lead to true happiness

(5) The true "I" taught by Shakyamuni Buddha
-The true image of mankind which Leo Tolstoy raved about
-Anger management as taught by Buddha

(6) The answer to the purpose of life
-"Why We Live," a film that was on the screen for 29 consecutive weeks in Japan
-What is the great compassion of vow-ship mentioned in the film?

Wouldn't you like to be able to share Buddhism after learning the above?
If yes, we can help you train and become Buddhist teachers.
Please contact us now for further details.

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My Skype: rider-zero
email: nobuaki0508@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kondo.nobuaki
What's App(cell phone): +1(213)949-8182

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