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TF Labs is the leader in Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs and Web3 in the Pacific Northwest, having hosted monthly meetup events since 2018 and the TF Blockchain Conference bringing in local experts and those from around the world.

TF Labs connects the broader business and technology community with innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and policymakers. Learn more at https://tflabs.io
TF Labs also host events in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Web3, NFTs and Bitcoin, most notably hosting the TF Blockchain Conference. Regardless if you are currently in Blockchain, investigating the technology, or simply want to learn, TF Blockchain provides a unique environment focused on advanced-level topics, interactive speaking sessions, and facilitated networking sessions; all to maximize your learning experience and optimize your connections made through our platform.

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Super Dope: Stock, Tech, & Web3 Show w/ Tiffany McGhee & JG Blanco

Join us for our new weekly show "Super Dope: Stock, Tech, & Web3 Show" where we will be discussing the weekly events across the markets, tech news, and crypto landscape. This show is LIVE on Twitter Spaces at 11am PST / 2pm EST.

Throughout the show, we will discuss the week in stocks, the week in tech, and the week in Web3, with guests visiting us across these verticals and market segments.

Make sure to follow Jonathan G. Blanco (https://twitter.com/jgproduct) and Tiffany McGhee (https://twitter.com/TiffanyInvests) to never miss an episode and to stay up to date throughout the week.

Those who mark themselves as "Attending" here in Meetup will have priority to join us onstage during the show.

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What is Web3?

Online event

You've been hearing about Web3 more and more. Startups to enterprise companies are thinking about Web3, while VCs and big tech entrepreneurs are arguing about the validity of Web3. So what is Web3?

Come join us as we discuss what is Web3, the elements behind it, how Web3 will evolve Web2, technology, and business.

Online details to participate to come. Please make sure and register below to be notified when the event goes live.

NFTs for Brands Conference

Online event

TF Labs creators of the TF Blockchain Conference is exploring hosting a Conference around NFTs for Brands and is gauging interest from our community first. This event will be primarily for brands and companies and how they can think about NFTs across commerce, art, music, and events.

Make sure to also add yourself here on Meetup as well.

More details to come!

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NFTs for Brands Conference - Las Vegas

Las Vegas

While we have seen the art world take off with NFTs, Brands have the opportunity to be the entry point for the average consumer mass adopt NFTs.

Commerce, Retail, Fashion, and CPG executives from around the world will already be in Las Vegas for the leading commerce conference, so we decided to wrap up with a full day of NFTs for Brands, taking place on March 31st, 2022.

Join the first-ever conference 100% focused on how Brands and NFTs. Topics to be discussed.
- How Brands can start selling NFTs?
- Building Brand Loyalty and Awareness
- Membership and access via NFTs
- Digital products, inventory, and merchandise
- Royalties for brands and their customers
- Economics behind NFTs

Please add this event to your Meetup, but note this is not a ticket for attendance. Tickets must be purchased to attend (more details to come shortly).

For the latest information about NFTs for Brands Conference in Las Vegas, please follow https://twitter.com/jgproduct

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