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    Hey, ya'll! I really became a big fan of HP through it's fandom. What an ecclectic bunch, love it. Then I attended Pheonix Rising in NOLA, while visiting family. I have found myself a new world to fall into!
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    I'm Deanna, the Younger. I'm an assistant organizer of this group. Ballin.
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    I love this group. This is the only place I know that you spend hours discusing all things Harry Potter, make great friends, listen to Wizard Wrock and knit a House scarf. And now that Quidditch is one of our activities, what more could a gyrl need?
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    Hi. I am an adult Potterhead who loves everything Harry. I have attended film openings, conventions and plays featuring all different Potter actors. I love to meet others to discuss books, films fanfiction and theories
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    My name is Jon. I am a literaphile, geek, and organization freak. I also don't spell very well. I am an IT consultant by trade.
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    Deanna (aka Celestial Warmbottom). I am a Harry Potter Fan-atic !