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In 19 years of conducting Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) sessions, Charles Julian has had many angels join with him. Each angel brought a unique gift of healing. We now invite you to experience their healing gifts. Their work has been documented in Steven Thayer's book The Healing Angels of the Energy Field. He identifies one healing angel for each area of the human energy anatomy and gives special prayers to invite each of these healing angels to work with you.

This workshop will enable you to join together with other students to meet and work with the Healing Angels. Learn how to call upon them with a special prayer of invitation and how to use an angelic "heartlink" to connect with the angels' energy. Discover the special healing gifts each angel brings and invite each one to support you in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.

If you support others in their self-healing through energy therapies such as IET, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, massage, etc., this workshop can add a special spiritual dimension to your sessions. No experience is necessary.

Location: 3929 Studios, 39 W. 29th Street, New York, NY
Fee: $85/$75 members

"...a most fantastic workshop. There were great meditations, angel contact & handouts. This is a must!" --J.T.

"...a wonderful experience where we connected with angels and archangels and received beautiful messages for healing of humanity and planet Earth." --Sonia

"Angels come through left and right, and there is a powerful synergy from the group." --Anthony

"We all felt blessed, loved & protected by the Healing Angels invoked." --Sylvia

REV. CHARLES JULIAN, D.C. is a NYC Chiropractor and Integrated Energy Therapist who brings the wonderful energies of healing angels into his sessions with clients and helps others connect with their heavenly gifts. He has also facilitated the ARE/NYC Center's Sunday Inspirations group for two years, freely donating his time and healing talents.

Register here: https://www.edgarcaycenyc.org/program-of-events/upcoming-week-at-are/2088-the-healing-angels-workshop-with-rev-charles-f-julian-dc-april-2019

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Attunement for Spiritual Healing with Penny Hayward

Online event

Spiritual healing is a special and ancient form of mediumship. Being able to put yourself completely to one side – mentally, emotionally, and psychically -- to attune to the healing power of Spirit is essential. Spiritual healing goes where it is most needed within the client, whether you are giving contact healing, distant healing or absent healing. Attuning to Spirit brings a healing power which is directed where it is needed without the influence of the healer’s psychic ability. Join Penny Hayward for a half-day workshop to explore this powerful healing modality. In addition to lecture and discussion, which will focus on how we may best serve as a spiritual healer through contact, distant and absent healing, the instruction will also include opportunities to practice directly, including via attunement for healing, giving/receiving spiritual distant healing and sending absent healing. This workshop is open to all levels; however, some knowledge is an advantage Presented online via Zoom (an invitation to the Zoom Room will be sent after you register) The event will two breaks, one 45 min break at 12:30 pm EST (5:30 pm UK) and a 15 min break at 2:30 pm EST (7:30 pm UK). Cost: $80. REGISTER HERE: https://edgarcaycenyc.org/attunement-for-spiritual-healing-with-instructor-penny-hayward PENNY HAYWARD is an International Medium, Inspirer and Mentor. Born in Australia, she relocated to England in 1999 and is now based in Southend-On-Sea, Essex, UK. Penny became a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union in 2010 and holds a Diploma (DSNU) in Mediumship and Teaching Mediumship/Spiritualism. In 2018 she was approved as a Tutor (Instructor) at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Penny came to understand that she is a medium and psychic in her early 30s, soon after arriving to the UK. The desire to further develop her psychic and mediumistic abilities led Penny to Spiritualism, which gave her answers to some of her big questions and enabled her to understand that there was more to her than she had imagined. Knowing that life continues in the spirit world healed Penny and allowed her to go beyond the limitations she had put on herself. Part of Penny's soul’s calling in this world has always been about empowering others. She gets a real buzz out of seeing people open up to their potential, unfold their layers of complexity, and reveal their authentic selves.

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