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THIS GROUP IS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO EXPAND THE VISION OF PAGAN UNITY INTO ORANGE COUNTY! The Witches Meetups of Albany/Saratoga; New Paltz/Ulster County; Beacon; Hudson Valley and now Orange County are bringing together the project of unity. I am happy to be the facilitator for these groups and most importantly networking them with my larger groups in the metro NYC area. I am hoping to implement more of the events and travel to each county to get Wiccans/Pagans to be supportive to each other. This is a social group, we are not going to ask you to fundraise or attend every ritual that is posted. We are not about $$$$$$...we are not a store or corporation. The local merchants are welcome to sponsor this group and I will gladly post their photo/logo. If you have a craft...class...or simply wish to learn..this is the place to network. I welcome all who have a gift/talent and wish to share with other Pagans. Enjoy the journey with us for if we do not help each other....who will? With love and light and mirth and joy to all, Lady Morgana, HPS/Organizer

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