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The REIA of Greater Cincinnati Gets Even Greater!

REIAGC's Kentucky Chapter is Ohio's most excited, fastest-growing community for real estate investors, wholesalers, retailers, landlords note buyers, lease/option aficionados, and the people who serve them.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month 6-9PM to learn together, share resources, and network; we believe in radical freedom and welcome everyone who knows that the pie is big enough for everyone! If you want to learn, share, be supported, and support others in their quest for financial independence through real estate, join us!

More at www.CincinnatiREIA.com!

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Short-term rentals, PPP loans for real estate businesses, and Networking Rooms

January 21st, ONLINE Real Life Advice from Real Life Experts on Investing in AirBnB Properties and the New Forgivable Small Business Loans, Plus Your Chance to Build Those Super-Important Relationships… Week in and week out, you’ll find the education, networking, and support you need to keep growing your real estate business and your knowledge right here. Since we’re a community OF real-life real estate entrepreneurs FOR real-life real estate entrepreneurs, we’re always searching out the best experts on the hottest topics around, and, for the time being anyway, bringing them right onto your computer screen. Join us on January 21st, and get all this: Relationship-Building Time! 5-6 p.m. You want to know more about other members and how you might be able to do business with them, right? Because you know how important building relationships is to finding deals, finding funding, getting advice, and more, right? Then join us early for our Meet Your Community rooms, where the only agenda is to get to know people who can help you succeed! Note: The 5-6 p.m. session is for members only, but don’t be mad: membership is just $25 a month and you can quit anytime (but you won’t, once you experience the full spectrum of connections and advice and awesome people you’ll get here. Go ahead, try out membership right HERE: https://www.cincinnatireia.com/MembershipInfo.aspx Early Meeting 6-7 pm Are the New (low interest, forgivable) PPP Loans Right for You? with Scott Ellsworth, CPA The December stimulus package created a new round of 1% interest, 5 year, potentially forgivable loans for small businesses, and they’re easier to apply for than before. But are they right for YOU? Scott Ellsworth fills us in on who can get them, the pros and cons, how to apply, and whatever else you want to know. 7:00 Member deal evaluation of the month, upcoming events and more… Main Meeting 7:30-9:00 pm The REAL How, Where, What, and Why of Short-Term Rentals (panel of experts) Short-term rentals—aka AirBnB—are probably the sexiest strategy in real estate right now. But is all the hype about how you can double your rent by buying one, or turning an existing rental into one, the whole story? Nah. We’ve brought together a panel of members who’ve ACTUALLY owned and managed short-term rentals to reveal their best advice The Early and Main Meetings are open to all; members and first time guests are FREE, return guests are $35. Or, just join for $25 a month (https://www.cincinnatireia.com/MembershipInfo.aspx); if you’re a returning guest you already know how awesome our community is! Get your link to attend below, and set a reminder in your phone to be there on Thursday the 21st: http://www.CincinnatiREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Main-Meeting-Short-term-rentals-PPP-loans-for-real-estate-businesses-and-Networking-Rooms-49-1-21-2021&evntID=49ZuJrrBkhygmRYqaoAn8jN

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