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For Photographers of All Levels, Interested in Creative Expression... Our Workshops Embrace the Beauty of Nature and Landscape, Evoke the Historic Past, Build Drama in Portraiture, Explore Unique Locations with Mystery and Meaning, Enjoy Thought Provoking Lectures and Events, all with Instruction from Professional Photographers.

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We are all about exceptional experiences in meaningful photography. Our photo workshops go beyond the usual with new approaches to design and seeing, and exploring powerful, in-camera techniques for creating images with spirit.

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These Mysterious Isles... The hidden side of Jekyll & St Simons - Photo Workshop

St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum


THREE SPOTS left and Discount Registration available by CONTACTING ROBIN (https://thethirdeyephoto.com/contact-third-eye-photo/) RELAX... AND JOIN US ALONG GEORGIA'S BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE. Learn to use your camera more fully in the field with illustrative in-camera techniques as we explore our favorite photographic locations on Georgia’s ST. SIMONS and JEKYLL ISLAND, and Historic BRUNSWICK too, where history’s tales and natural beauty blur the boundary between past and present. Even for those familiar with Jekyll and St. Simons, Robin brings a new eye and revelational approach to photography here. The past inspires us with stories of those that came before, in beautiful places rich with layers of time. Robin’s students enjoy an insider’s view, fun with the locals, great dining, and visits to hidden locations and private vistas. Robin has spent her entire life photographing here, and her long love and knowledge of these Islands puts you at the perfect place at the right time of day. And as with all of Robin’s workshops, there is the fun element of surprise and the unexpected to inspire us! Workshop price includes daily personal instruction, visits to favorite locations, and a welcoming reception. We will stay on St. Simons for fun evening walks on the pier and around the village, and the best restaurants for local seafood. For more info click HERE https://thethirdeyephoto.com/st-simons-and-jekyll-island-photo-workshop-georgias-golden-isles-3/ Questions? Email ROBIN (https://thethirdeyephoto.com/contact-third-eye-photo/) FOR MORE UNIQUE WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS, and to join our EMAIL LIST visit: www.thethirdeyephoto.com All Images and text ©2018 Robin Davis

SOUTH of FRANCE Photo Workshop

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Explore the Mysteries of the Languedoc Region Each special place we will visit during this workshop has been chosen by Robin to meet THREE important criteria… a uniquely beautiful location, a story of mysterious history and legend, and most importantly, a permeable energy that inspires our photography. contact Robin (http://www.thethirdeyephoto.com/contact/) for full travel details and more information and visit www.thethirdeyephoto.com (https://thethirdeyephoto.com/south-france-languedoc-photography-workshop-2/). Based in Pézenas (Peh-zen-aahs), France for 7 nights, we will explore this seductive landscape, mountain formations, ancient bridges, vineyards, castles large and small, and villages of legend… like Rennes le Chateau, Saintes Maries de la Mer, and more! Some of the places we will visit, the Castle of Carcassonne above... and below, the beautiful white horses in Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb1Y8K3nHjU The enigmatic Tower Magdala overlooking the plain below Rennes le Chateau, the village of mystery. images and text © Robin Davis

Cortona, ITALY - Tuscany in June - Photo Workshop

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10 amazing days of creative photography in Tuscany, from street photography, still life, landscape views and architecture, Medieval costumed parades, great nightly dinners and food festivals with our local friends, and more! Cortona’s ancient origins are lost to history, and as a long-time insider, Robin gives her students access to local secrets and hidden locations… a fun adventure not to be missed! A 7-day option is also available. TO REGISTER, AND FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT: www.cortonacenter.com (http://cortonacenter.com/) and for local and regional workshops in the USA: www.thethirdeyephoto.com (http://www.thethirdeyephoto.com/)

Fall in Tuscany WORKSHOP - Cortona Center of Photography, Italy

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10 Days in TUSCANY - A small group ITALY Photo Workshop COME JOIN US IN CORTONA! https://cortonacenter.com/cortona-italy-photography-workshop-schedule/ The crisp clear days still harbor warm afternoons, with cooler nights. Cortona sparkles with the excitement of harvest festivals that celebrate the bounty of the season… truffles, porcini mushrooms, roasted chestnuts and wild boar. Fall is a photographer’s dream here, with foggy mornings fading into golden sunlit horizons crossing jewel-colored landscapes. And of course, the wonderful people of Cortona invite us to share their traditions of food, fun and true Tuscan culture. Please note that this workshop is designed as a 10 day program, but a one week option is available upon request. Participants arrive on day one of the workshop and depart on the 10th day, or 7th day for the one week workshop. CONTACT ROBIN to Register: https://cortonacenter.com/contact-us/

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