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The World Shift Federation is a New Earth Movement for Youth, World Experts and all people wishing to empower and enable a New Earth Evolution.

All over the world millions of people are coming together in ways known and unknown to actually manifest a New Earth evolution for humanity and all life on Gaia.

An evolution that is a new way of living beyond the destructive processes of our current collapsing age. There are now over one billion people who work in cooperatives in the
world. Thousands of Eco-villages are springing up around the world as one of the most powerful resources available to humanity is the longing of citizens to become a part of a community solution instead of feeling that they are contributing to the problem. Earth as
we know it may never be the same as these energies continue to build.

People are having experiences in higher consciousness and illumination all over the world. The signs of a new world collective Evolutionary Era for Humanity and the Earth are
emerging everywhere. Our interest is in pulling together people, world experts and the
youth of the world and here in the lower mainland into a new society movement on the
ground for the New Earth and projects like Eco-villages, Worker Coops, Social Ventures, localization,new energy technologies and local responses to things like climate and
energy disruption, and economic disparity, depletion of natural assets, transition towns and communities, spiritual practice and natural science etc. All in the context of a collective grassroots movement to actually manifesting the New Earth in our lifetime.

Even with all the crisis in the world shift the oneness of humanity and a global awakening heart of caring is transforming our world. We may actually be emerging into extraordinary transformational events, shifts, experiences and energies over the next few years. Please
join us as we all co-create a new evolutionary era in our community, humanity and the new earth.


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