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BIOCHAR a Global Green Renaissance, presentation by Paradigm Futurist Arclein


BIOCHAR a Global Green Renaissance for Carbon Capture and Soil Regeneration, presentation and discussion by Paradigm Futurist and mathematics expert Arclein ( , Biochar as chicken feed (

Biochar s produced by thermal decomposition of organic material (biomass such as wood, manure or leaves) under limited supply of oxygen.

Biochar can be distinguished from charcoal—used mainly as a fuel—in that a primary application is use as a soil amendment with the intention to improve soil functions and to reduce emissions from biomass that would otherwise naturally degrade to greenhouse gases. Biochar is a name for charcoal when it is used for particular purposes, especially as a soil amendment. Like most charcoal, Biochar is created by enclosed burning of biomass. Biochar is under review as an approach to global carbon capture sequestration.

TED Talk on Biochar