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Anyone interested in awakening to their true nature and discovering the potential and richness of a life lived free of fear owes it to themselves to sit in the presence of David Thomas. Join us for this select group of satsangs (spiritual discourses) to be held at a variety of South Bay Area locales from October 29 — November 4. Be sure to stay tuned for our announcement regarding a special midnight satsang on Halloween.

David Thomas is a self-realization teacher, speaker, and writer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Through the practice of Self inquiry and meditation, he has acquired a deeper understanding of the inner self and true liberation. David now seeks to support individuals in their pursuit of self-realization through his writing and speaking. The insights he shares within his videos, quotes, and poems are created to help nurture the healing of individuals seeking release from their pain and suffering.

All of David's teachings come from his personal experience, so he gives an inside perspective from being lost in ignorance to finding the truth within and experiencing nirvikalpa samadhi. One conversation with him truly has the power to change the way you see and experience life. The love and wisdom he radiates is a blessing to all seekers of truth.

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Reboot Camp: Hike and satsang with David Thomas

Mission peak trail head

Satsang with David Thomas

John D Morgan Park

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