What we're about

Are you one of those who has never quite fit in? From a young age have you always 'just known' things are not as they seem? Or perhaps your awakening came later in life - a realization that the beliefs you held about the world were inherited rather than inherent.

This group is dedicated to those who see through the lies and illusions our social institutions have attempted to cast upon us. It is for those who wish to gather and manifest a new vision of Humanity - one based on actual freedom and self responsibility rather than victim hood and division. We'll talk current & cosmic events, his(story), shadow work, and action ideas for assisting humanity step out of adolescence and into maturity.

A familiarity with the Truth, Honor & Integrity show is ideal though not necessary. It is enough to see/sense/feel that time is up for the historical service to self bias in world and local leadership and that a new way is needed for Humanity's evolution.

That being said I suggest feeling into your alignment with the group via these resources:


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