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How do behavioral scientists design products? - Kristen Berman + Logan Ury

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6:30 to 7:00pm: Networking and snacks
7:00 to 8:30pm: Speaker sessions
8:30 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up

Speaker Sessions

Introduction Jan Schiffman, VP of Engineering at TIBCO, Jaspersoft Product Group

How do behavioral scientists design products?
Kristen Berman, Co-founder of Common Cents Lab with Duke University Logan Ury, User Experience (UX) Researcher at Airbnb

Kristen Berman, Co-founder of Duke's Common Cents Lab with Dan Ariely and Logan Ury, behavioral scientist at Airbnb will share how their organizations use and apply behavioral science to inform big and small product decisions. We'll share our behavioral design process, actual experiment results and mistakes we've made and seen companies make. Kristen and Logan were also on the founding behavioral science team at Google together, so if we're lucky may get some stories about their work there.


Jan Schiffman, VP of Engineering at TIBCO, Jaspersoft Product Group

Kristen Berman studies how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational. Currently she is a co-founder and head of product at Common Cents Lab (, a Duke University initiative dedicated to improving the financial well-being for low to middle Americans. Kristen also co-founded Irrational Labs (, a non-profit behavioral consulting company, with Dan Ariely in 2013. Irrational Labs helps companies and nonprofits understand and leverage behavioral economics to increase the health, wealth and happiness of their users. She was on the founding team for the behavioral economics group at Google, a group that touches over 26 teams across Google, and hosts ones of the top behavioral change conferences globally, StartupOnomics. She co-authored a series of workbooks called Hacking Human Nature for Good: A practical guide to changing behavior, with Dan Ariely. These workbooks are being used at companies like Google, Intuit, Neflix, Fidelity, Lending Club for business strategy and design work. She has given talks at the World Bank, Google, Facebook, Expedia, Aetna, Equifax and many other organizations and companies.

Logan Ury is a User Experience Researcher at Airbnb where she applies her expertise in behavioral economics to build trust between hosts and guests. Prior to Airbnb, Logan helped lead the Irrational Lab, Google's behavioral economics team, which runs research and experiments across many different products. She also organized international behavioral economics summits and advised start-ups on building user trust. Logan started a popular interview series at Google called "Modern Romance," interviewing renowned academics and authors like Dan Savage and Esther Perel on topics like online dating and the secret to a happy marriage. Her talks have 1M+ views on YouTube. She's also spoken at SXSW, led workshops at General Assembly, published a Valentine's Day article in TIME, and given talks on the future of marriage. Prior to Google, Logan conducted psychology research at Harvard.