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Dr Spotfire Office Hours

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Dr Spotfire Office Hours


Please register at the link below. (Must be registered to attend):

In this session, Dr. Spotfire will go over his favorite IronPython and JavaScript tips, including application automation and creating easy-to-use popups. The session is at an intermediate-to-advanced level but all are welcome to join and learn more about the powerful Spotfire API!

At the time listed above, click on any of the following links to join the live stream on social media:

- YouTube Channel
- LinkedIn User Group
- Facebook User Group
- Twitter Account

What is Dr. Spotfire?

Dr. Spotfire is a program from TIBCO aimed at helping new and advanced users. The program is hosted by Spotfire Experts in TIBCO's Data Science Team and Spotfire Community. The program consists of two parts:

1. Live Sessions: Monthly 30-minute "deep dives" to help users on extended topics, and unique analytics challenges.
2. Quick Tips: Weekly 5-10 minute YouTube videos to help users with day-to-day Spotfire skills

During the Live session, attendees are invited to participate in an open Q&A on the session’s topic. For questions outside the Session topic, users may ask directly in the TIBCO Community “Answers” section and tag with #DrSpotfire.

All Feature Sessions and Quick Tip videos are published to the TIBCO Spotfire YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it and stay updated with new content!

Neil Kanungo, Data Scientist, TIBCO Software Inc.
Jose Leviaguirre, Data Scientist, TIBCO Software Inc.
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