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For self- development, skills building, enlightenment + managing our emotions. Come as a curious life traveller and discover by serendipity or design topics to inspire, motivate and move you towards what Abraham Maslow described as a life journey towards self-actualisation.

Topics include:
Clearing Clutter - tidying up your life. See Marie Kondo’s 3 million selling book on finding happiness and spirituality by clearing space Netflix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvyeapVBLWY
Finding your purposeful life.
Jordan Peterson on The Meaning of Life for men. View Youtube.

Managing internal stress – intro to CBT/REBT (Rational emotive Behavioural therapy) – an action oriented psychotherapy. For those who worry a lot and want to calm down all that inner noise!
Understanding Logosynthesis – Logosynthesis is a powerful new resource in energy psychology. How do you use it? What does it do? Disolves frozen emotions + allows your life energy to flow.
Tapping away your Anxiety – How do you know you are anxious? You feel it in your body. Your body creates a reaction to thoughts you are feeling. Use acupuncture points to tap your stress away.

Thinking, Listening - and Connecting to Others - for people who may feel they could have listened better or would like to connect more fully with others in a helpful and compassionate way.
Recognising Thinking Styles our own + other peoples’ - in work, negotiating and relationships. Discover Donald Trumps style!
Building Rapport with Others. If you would like to understand people better. Successful communication with others depends largely on our ability to establish and maintain rapport.
What Motivates You? – Understand how our values drive us and bring meaning to our lives. Living by our values, helps line our ducks in a row, brings purposeful actions towards a meaningful life
An Introduction to NLP: Effective tools for Personal Development. In work, in relationships, in life. Insight into a practitioner course
A foundation in NLP. for people who would like to explore NLP philosophy and techniques. You might be seeking tools that integrate with your current work; or for your own self-development

I have been teaching, training or working one-on-one with clients in these subjects for the last 14 years, and my journey may be ending soon. So I would like to pass on the curiosity and passion to be excited by new ideas. I hope one of these meet-ups may provide you with a compass for your own hero’s journey towards whatever is - or becomes - your calling in life.

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Parent-Led CBT for Child Anxiety (Helping Parents Help Their Kids)

Parents are the best placed people to understand their children's worries. Learning cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to support children, delivers a cost-effective brief therapy approach that helps parents gain confidence and skills for managing their child’s difficulties. This meet-ups is a chance for a question and answer session and introduction to a six week course which offers a framework for conducting a comprehensive assessment and establishing clear treatment goals. Aim is to provide parents with useful knowledge about anxiety and skills to promote children’s flexible thinking and independent problem solving and help them face specific fears. This meet-up is a discussion, question and answer group for interested people, and to establish level of interest in the 6 weekly sessions, also to establish best time slots and start dates. Topics we will cover? • Assessing the problems • Setting some achievable treatment goals • recognising sticking points, and discussions around them. • Calming, soothing and problem solving techniques • Ways to facilitate learning between sessions, homework tasks are emphasised. This Meet-up is free. Commitment to attending all six two hour sessions is envisaged Fee £120, concessions £80.

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