Past Meetup

Get Re-Deemed, at Deem Hills Hike


So our newly added leader, Johnny Volkman, is going to be leading this Moderate Level hike. You will meet at the East Trail Head off of 39th Ave.

The hike will lead out of the Parking Lot, make left (Got South up the mountain) on the Circumference Trail. You will then hang a Right on the the Palisades Trail. Then a Left onto the Basalt Trail. At the 4 way intersection, continue strait onto the Ridgeline Trail. Once the Ridgleine Trail comes down off the mountain, it dumps into the Circumference Trail. Make a right and follow this back to the parking lot. This makes a 5.1 Mile Loop.

I have been asked by a number of people to do a hike at this Park. So, here is your chance. Plus this allows the Moderate crowd to get out an enjoy a day with the TLC'rs.