Mt Charleston, NV, 11,918 ft, Summit of the Las Vegas area


We will be hiking Mount Charleston which will be (South Trail) 17.5 miles round trip and coming in just under 5,000 ft of AEG. This mountain is a brute. It is considered the Summit of the Ls Vegas area. If you live in LV and you hike, this is your pinnacle. Kind of like what Mount Humphrey's is to us in PHX. From my understanding, this is absolutely an incredible hike. Very beautiful.

I will be driving up from Phoenix on early Friday morning and staying in Las Vegas. The trail head is approximately 45 minutes from Las Vegas. I will be staying in LV for Sat night and returning home to PHX after a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning. I would like to stay on or near the Strip so I could indulge in a few drinks on Saturday evening. When in Rome........