Past Meetup

DC Canyon Trail to Hidden Valley return via Old Man Trail, Staycation Hike

Location image of event venue


This is the 59th hike with the Group:

We will be starting out at the Warpaint Trail head. We will take this trail until it meets up with the Desert Classic Trail. We will make a right onto Desert Classic Trail, which is heading North East. Take Desert Classic as it loops around the Subdivision that protrudes outwards into the Preserve and where the Big White Tank sits. Keep on Desert Classic for about another 1/2 mile. Look for the Trail (unnamed for now, but I call it Desert Classic Canyon Trail, or DC Canyon Trail). Make a left and follow this Trail up the Canyon as it will take us all the way up The Lost Ridge and we will go up and over that and descend down into Hidden Valley. Make a left onto Hidden Valley Trail. Exit Hidden Valley and make a left onto National Trail. About a mile down the Trail we will make a left onto Old Man Trail and make our way back down the mountain. This will bring us out on Secret Trail. From here, simply trail blaze it a small ways over the little hill that sits in front of you, maybe a 100 yards. After you get over the little hill and hit the next trail, this is Desert Classic. Make a right and then make a left onto Warpaint and take back to the trailhead. Don't you come down Old Man Trail, you will be able to see Warpaint TH off in the distance and just start making your way there.

Many people rarely take these trails in South Mountain Park. You know that I like to explore in the more unknown areas.

WARNING: Yes it will be hot, it's Summer time. That's why we are starting at 5:30am. Bring about 5 liters of water and some snacks. Be ready for a good sweat. The hike itself is more of a moderate hike, however if you combine the heat, this becomes difficult hike. Mileage is average. If we get in at that time in the morning, we should be wrapped up in about 2 - 2.5 hours.

Approximate mileage is 6.5 miles, with about 1,000 ft in elevation gain.

We are doing a "Staycation" again this year. We will be over at the Arizona Grand and I will announce that part of the Meet Up separately at a later time. This is Labor Day Weekend.