Past Meetup

The Cayenne Cancan at San Tan, The Burn Loop, R U ready for The Tough Tanner?


79th Hike of the Club:

To all my friends and fellow hikers who have been asking to incorporate this hike for awhile now. Thank you for your patience. However, we will be doing the 17.2 mile loop hike. Yup yup. If we are going to do this Park, than let's see the whole darned thing.

This will be done at a decent pace and will be several pace groups as always. The cool thing is that it is much like South Mountain. It is extremely difficult to get lost.

However, 17 miles is 17 miles. This will be a difficult rated hike. 6 liters of water.

I will be looking for other Leaders that are more familiar with these trails that could lead a different pace group.

Goldmine Trail to the north, to Dynamite, to San Tan, to Malpais, to San Tan, to Rock Peak Wash, to San Tan, to Star Gazer to Moonlight.

These trails are very maintained making it easy to travel faster than a brutal hike of boulder hoping.

Be Prepared to be out there all day. This may take you 8 - 10 hours to complete. The face paced group may complete this madness in 5-6. Either way..... this will hurt and it will be extremely difficult. Do not come with the mentality that you can move along at a slow pace, because you will be endangering yourself and possibly others. If you wish to go at a slower pace, I do not have a problem with that, however, you will not be allowed to hike by yourself. You have to hike with a minimum of 1 other person. And you will be required to bring a cell phone for emergencies.