What we're about

Business Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs
• How satisfied are you with your business?
• What is the dream, the potential and the vision of your business that you know it could be, and you’re not sure how to get there?
• What gets in the way and blocks or challenges your business’ success. Where have you given up?
• How can you design a clear pathway to create that success for your business and you?
There is help and hope.
You are invited to an introductory evening of …
Transformational Leadership Experience

Discover a new conversation—one that is designed to grab your business at the roots and help you transform it into something even more exciting and fulfilling!
Create structure and support systems designed to shift your business to that next level of success!
Strengthen your leadership, expand your business, grow into new markets and transform your organization with specific and measurable results!
Along the way, we’ll identify the three critical and major components that create a solid and reliable foundation of success for ANY business… including yours.

As members of this group you'll have access to our many calls and events:

• The Engaged Leadership Forum--where we explore powerful traits, characteristics and aspects of Leadership in provocative conversation. You will leave with insights that will impact your business and Leadership immediately.

• The Leadership Distinction Open Calls--We, at TLE, assert there are four powerful distinctions that MUST be in place for your Leadership and Business: INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, BEING AT CAUSE, BEING GIVEN BEING AND ACTION BY SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOU.
Not sure what they mean? Come to out calls.
Working on implementing them into your business? Come to the calls.
Think they're already running? Come to the calls.
You might even get some on-the-spot coaching by one of our highly trained and skilled coaches.

• Our 90-Minute Experience Social--from time to time we have open social events that are open to all to come and join. Discover the TLE model for powerful leadership and business success. Meet new Leaders and Business owners. Get stronger, new insights, and more confident about how to run your business.

Oh yes, and all these events are free.

We haven't even talked about our amazing Membership plan where you get SO MUCH MORE.

• Challenge perceptions about your business
• Reconnect and realign to your purpose
• Tap into your strengths and utilize your resources
• Engage with business leaders and owners just like you
• Watch your business grow month by month.

It's our commitment to help you, your Leadership and your Business in every way we can.

TLE is a community, whose intention, purpose and soul exists to be the space for business owners and leaders to discover what is possible in their leadership and therefore what is possible inside them.
With an articulate blend of solid business development practices and powerful coaching practices and an engaged and supportive environment, we are committed to making your experience exceptional, so that you have the business success that you desire and deserve. We are committed to provide you with the Experience that will Transform your Leadership… and your business’ success.

You just need to take the first step and join one of our free Meetup events or calls. We'll help you with all the rest.

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