TMI Cincinnati Local Chapter Meeting


Greetings All,
I am pleased to announce the monthly gathering of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Monroe Institute (TMI), presenting Hemi-Sync® neuro technology. This is a wonderful opportunity for all graduates of TMI programs, as well as anyone who would like to experience this ground-breaking technology.

WHAT IS Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync®)?
Hemi-Sync® is a scientifically based and clinically proven "audio-guidance" technology that uses sound to influence brain-wave activity. Supported by over 50 years of research, Hemi-Sync® is an integral feature of The Monroe Institute's international success as a leader in consciousness exploration, self-discovery and transformation.
Participation is not predicated on any particular belief system or doctrine. The only philosophical point you are asked to consider as a serious possibility is that you are more than your physical body. Many who attend programs develop a different overview, a changed perspective from which life's experiences seem to take on a new significance.
Join Andrea Berger, certified Trainer for The Monroe Institute and Local Chapter Leader for the Cincinnati area, to experience some very special Hemi-Sync® guided meditations and group discussions.

TIME: 3 PM - 5 PM

LOCATION: Association for Consciousness Evolution, Inc.

RSVP: Please RSVP by the day before.

COST: No charge. Donations welcome.

BRING: Open Mind & Heart. Wear loose, comfortable, casual clothing for meditation. Bring a small healthy snack or beverage (optional).
Come, share, experience!