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Mr. Moad's Wild Ride
Training Ride - Intermediate. No drop (see Remarks below). Time - Be at the start and ready to roll at the advertised time, sharp. Distance - 30 miles. Pace - C • varied. This training ride. While our actual rolling speed will vary with terrain, it'll generally be above our average (such is the nature of averages). Terrain - Varied and generally not flat with 2% - 3% grades, which is typical for Lake County. The route features one true hill (6% and above). Duration - Simple, you'll be on the course for this long: time = distance/average pace Route - Wring Around Wauconda • 30 • Lakewood FP ( Rest Stops - none planned. See our Ride Guide for more information. ( Remarks • Self support - We're On Our Own. Bring what you need for nutrition, hydration, mechanicals, and punctures. • No drop - Though gaps may open up, we'll not outright drop anyone. We'll keep visual contact as much as possible. If the gap gets large on the flats, someone will double back to pace you back to the group. We'll not "hammer" the downhills thus enabling slower climbers to get back to the group. Please be prepared to maintain the advertised pace for the entire distance. • Pace groups - Based upon fitness, and ability. Splitting into multiple, ad-hoc pace groups is not only possible, it's probable. • Foul weather cancellation - I'll cancel the ride only in the event of thunderstorms, or torrential rain at the time of the start. The call will be made morning of. Confirm status here prior to traveling to the start. • Safety - Helmets are required. • Personal responsibility - Ride at your own risk.

Lakewood Forest Preserve - Millennium Trail Parking Area

27261 N Fairfield Rd · Wauconda, IL

What we're about

This group exists to connect the Alumni, Participants, and Cycle Coaches of the Illinois Chapter of LLS|TnT Cycle Team with each other and volunteer Cycle Coaches. The common goal being training for an endurance cycling event, while fundraising for the LLS|TnT cause.

Given the many options for Participants to customize their individual fundraising experience, this group provides a common training platform for the development of a cohesive, non-competitive, cycle team regardless of the specific cycling event you've chosen to train for.

We've assembled a significant library of Coach designed training routes, from which the cycle coaches select to regularly lead group rides. The coaches also provide instruction, guidance, and structure for your training goals.

We look forward to riding with you.

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If you're interested in training with us, check out our Pages section ( for more information. Also, our Cycling Team Forum ( contains news and information about event offerings. Contact the Organizers if you have specific questions.

We hope you join us. We have a great cycling program, with really great people, all for a really, really great cause.

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