Mr. Moad's Wild Ride


Be aware that the mileage, duration, and venue will change as the season progresses. This week however, our ride is planned thus:

Group Training Ride - All levels, no drop (see Remarks below).

Time - Be at the start and ready to roll at the advertised time.

Distance - 30-ish miles.

Pace - Aiming to hold a 12mph average, or better. While your rolling speed will vary with fitness, ability, and terrain it'll generally be above your average (such is the nature of averages).

Duration - Roughly 3 hours, including route orientation.


TnT NW 30 • Wring Around Wauconda • Lakewood. Cue-sheet available at the links below.

Rest Stops - See Map and Cue sheet links.


• Self support - We're On Our Own. Bring what you need for nutrition, hydration, mechanicals, and punctures.

• No drop - Though gaps may open up, we'll not outright drop anyone. We'll keep visual contact as much as possible.

• Pace groups - By consensus and based upon fitness, and ability. With enough ride leaders and riders, splitting into multiple pace groups is possible.

• Foul weather cancellation - The ride leader monitors the weather, and may cancel the ride in the event of foul weather. The call will be made morning of, and will be announced here.

• Safety - Helmets are required.

• Personal responsibility - Ride at your own risk.

• Self-awareness - Know your your abilities, and limitations. Keep your effort within these parameters.

• The Tao of Cycling (


Wring Around Wauconda 30 GPS (

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