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FREE Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournaments Friday Nights (Chance to Win Food&10K!)

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Got the Beginning or End of the Week blahs?

Shake it off by playing poker!

Two tournaments at ~7&9pm. You can be late and still play, but you lose chips as time goes by. Every Tuesday and Friday nights.

You could win a food coupon and possibly win $$ (10,000!) if you win big here and make the regionals then you go to Vegas (see below).

They keep track of your score and let you know if you qualify for prize $. So, play a lot!

For the schedule, venues, points of players and more info go here:

It's a little tricky finding this place. GPS only gets you close, to the strip mall above it. It is in back of the strip mall on Shady Grove road and is in a courtyard down behind it with other stores and organizations (it is safe). Take the road that looks like a ramp in an airport that is located all the way to the right of the stripmall near the Cigar&Pho place; it goes down to the courtyard area.

This place is called "Fraternal Order of Eagles" and is in the right-hand corner near Sushi stairs so go ahead and park. Pay no attention to any signs on the door, just go ahead and enter and the poker tables are located in the right half of the place. You do not have to be a member to play. You can come for only the 9 pm game as well and have dinner nearby: Melting Pot, "I love Sushi", Indian, Italian/Pizza, etc. in shopping center on top.

They have good chili and beer and the company is good too. Bunch of really friendly people! A lot of MEN! Almost all men!!! Come and get 'em.

National Championship Results!

YOU could be the next big winner!
Travis Schumaker wins FPN National Championship Captures $10,000 HPT Dream Package and also placed 15th in HPT Stratosphere event for $7,704.Travis Schumaker from Fergus Falls, MN had quite the weekend, which is easy to say since it was his first ever trip to Las Vegas. Travis played in the FPN National Championship on Friday, November 15th and after 10 hours of play eliminated fellow Minnesotan Shanna Sharp for the title and the $10,000 Heartland Poker Tour "Dream Package".

It starts at 7 pm and usually ends at ~9 pm and then the next game starts at ~9:30 pm and usually lasts until ~11 or 12 pm. If you are new come at 6:45 pm to fill out form and get your players number and card.

All aboard, Mates!