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WE'RE DIFFERENT! Here's how . . Most of the "other" Real Estate Investor Groups/Meetups are kind of narrow . . teaching, investing in Single Family Homes -or- Multi-Family -or- some other niche. Our Group has been successful in Single Family rentals, flips, and construction, Multi-Family acquisition, cash-flow, flips, and construction, Commercial, Professional, Retail, YOU NAME IT!

How is this possible? First, we have always focused on ALL Real Estate, taking the best opportunities the market gives us, which changes with the tide! Second, we are an organized "Group" of experienced Real Estate Investors, Developers, Builders, Contractors, etc.

Limiting yourself to one Real Estate category and/or one "Model" for making money in RE will never be as successful as keeping all your Real Estate options open. Our group has experts that have proven track records across all aspects of Real Estate.

Learn how to pick the RIPEST, LOWEST HANGING FRUIT Real Estate is providing right now. Hear what is going on across the entire Real Estate Industry from experts in each area and investors with experience in all areas. Grow and broaden your network so you, too, can benefit from the BEST Real Estate Opportunities at any given time.

Join us and expand your Real Estate Investing Horizons.

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