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The purpose of this group is to provide education and share ideas on short term trading strategies for stocks, options, futures or currencies.

Our mission is to give Traders the power to share and connect the trading community in one convenient location.

Many people begin their trading career with little to no education expecting to become financially independent but what they soon realize is that trading is a challenging venture that first requires the proper knowledge and a proven trading plan. Trading is even more of a challenge if done in isolation. That is why we focus on banding together groups of traders so that you are taken out of that isolation and become part of an open forum where like minded professional, intermediate and novice traders share their trading concepts, ideas and experiences.

Our approach to trading is a technical one which relies on specific chart patterns to identify the major shifts in market sentiment. Although we take on longer term positions to build wealth, our main focus is on the income producing Scalp, Day and Swing Trading styles.

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