Mob Programming: Let's code together with Adam


Mob Programming: Let's code together.

-No Food Event- But there will be drinks!

I have started creating a coding trivia game for a presentation at TriNUG and need your help an input.
Let's put our collection of developers together and come up with some ideas for the game as well as implement some of them, mob programming style.

For those of us who have never participated in mob programming (including myself), take a look here:

The repository for the game:
Check out the readme for some more details about the application itself.

To participate you will need the following:
- A laptop
- A code editor
- .NET Core 3.0 -
- Git (included in Visual Studio)
- A GitHub account

If you don't bring a laptop, you can still participate with coming up with features and ideas.


Adam Vincent

I am a Software Engineer at Applied Information Sciences (AIS) and relatively new to the game with almost 4 years of experience in C# and the .NET. I am an advocate for Clean Code, Humane Code and other variants of developing software that is structured not only to meet the requirements of the user, but also software that can be read and maintained because the code clearly communicates the intent of the code.