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TRINUG SIG: PhoneGap Build with WP7 Compilation

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This month PhoneGap announced ( PhoneGap Build compilation support for Windows Phone 7. PhoneGap Build is the service that allows you to take an HTML5 based web site and have a cloud-based service build and return the assembly needed to deploy your mobile web site as a native app for multiple mobile device operating systems, now including WP7.

With Justin Saraceno, we’ll create an HTML5 based site designed with jQuery Mobile that pulls TRINUG event data from the API. We’ll then review design considerations when targeting a platform-specific native app with PhoneGap versus a platform-agnostic mobile app created via PhoneGap Build. At the end, there will be a deployable app and we'll compare and contrast the final output as a built and deployed WP7 app, Android app, and as a hosted mobile web site on any other device. Bring your mobile devices!

Finally, Justin will demonstrate the ability to use your web site source stored in a GitHub repo as the source for your PhoneGap Build compiled content, as well as for a free hosted mobile web site on AppHarbor.

Resource links for the TRINUG mobile app we’ll create and review:

GitHub repo:

PhoneGap Build app download:

AppHarbor hosted site: