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Inspired PLAYBACK Show -- "Playing with Fire"

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Have you ever...

...felt growing tension within a

relationship you care about?

...been licked by the flames of conflict?

Did you run away or lose your cool?

What do you do under the heat of conflict?

This is a critical question, that every human being needs to explore more deeply if we aim to have healthy relationships and co-create a more just and sustainable world.
"Conflict can become either destructive or transformative, depending on how we play with it."

If you dare to share a moment or a story from your life with us ~ and see it transformed into spontaneous art...


If you wish to learn from the folly and wisdom of real people, who are courageous and willing to bear their hearts and souls...

Join us...

for this very special evening of fiery tales shared within our very warm and welcoming community, within the cozy and sacred space of The Inner Garden.

New here & wondering...?

7 - 9 pm


Dec. 11th, 2011


The Inner Garden

$15* or

$25* for you & a friend*

* ALL PROFITS GO TO DONATIONS --> Nothing makes me more angry than indifference to avoidable suffering. That is how our provincial and federal government is choosing to respond to a community of Native people who are starving, freezing, and without services, in our own backyard. All profits from this show will go to helping the Attawapiskat First Nation who are in a state of emergency.

See article that describes their urgent need below:

Limited seating!

Please RSVP

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