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Whether you are “not trying, not preventing”, charting your temperature, or going through fertility treatments, have been trying for 3 months or 3 years, getting pregnant isn’t always as fun and carefree as you imagined.

TTC Together is a time to gather with others who understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with expanding your family.

This monthly meetup welcomes women in all stages and circumstances of their fertility journey. We encourage honest discussion, and while we hope you are open to sharing your thoughts and feelings, how much you wish to divulge is entirely up to you.

Our group is facilitated by Samantha, a Preconception & Prenatal Health Coach, whose goal is to support women with information and compassion so they feel confident and excited about growing their family.

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TTC Together Discussion Circle

31 Riverview Dr

Discussion circles are the purpose of TTC Together. We'll sit in a comfortable circle in the AirBnB studio apartment I run with my husband. While I will facilitated the circle, the discussion is led by you! I may have a topic or questions to kick things off, but whatever is on the minds of those attending will serve as our discussion. To start, we will go around and introduce ourselves with a simply "icebreaker" question, and the rest of the time is unstructured conversation. In future circles I will invite local practitioners to expand your network of holistic TTC options. Please share what you are comfortable with, or sit back and observe if that suits you. I hope you leave feeling comforted, connected, and confident in your journey to a baby!

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