What we're about

We are super excited that you are interested in our TTRPG Camp.

TTRPG is a great opportunity to practice creative writing and storytelling skills. Join us for a week of games and all things Role Playing. It's completely FREE. No cost.

You can expect:
+ Door Prizes & Giveaways
+ a Free Miniature
+ a Free painting class
+ an opportunity to role play with some awesome people and Game Masters.

You should join us if you live in the area, and think that RPGs and Storytelling and real-life community is a better option than all the virtual stuff out there.

Each day of our events are broken down below in the schedule. Check it out!

Upcoming events (4)

TTRPG Camp Day 1

300 Willow Dr

Day 1 will include a short seminar on Role Playing for Everyone and then a longer session on How to Create Compelling Characters

TTRPG Camp Day 2

300 Willow Dr

Day 2 will include 4 mini-labs that will run during the day. Option 1 - Building Better Battles Option 2 - Making Memorable NPCs. After a short break we will get back together for two more options before we break for the day. Option 3 - Confounding: Puzzles and Traps Option 4 - Analyzing Additional RPG Systems

TTRPG Camp Day 3

300 Willow Dr

Day 3 will include two classes that you choose between: Option 1 - Miniature Speed Painting Option 2 - Dungeon Master Master Class


300 Willow Dr

Day 4 will wrap up our time together with a big day of gaming. Put everything into practice that you've been learning about and working on all week!

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