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Mission: To advance the rebirth of openly accountable constitutional and republican institutions that rigorously protect our natural rights and liberties. We are committed to truth, justice, equality, security, and peaceful solidarity among all peoples of the Earth. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

We view the events of 9/11 as a massive lever that members of the power elite used to launch an unwinnable "global war on terror," and rapidly reduce or eliminate our constitutional rights and protections. We are working in many ways with other groups toward a proper investigation of those events that will finally lead to justice for those who have paid so dearly.

We are also working to reverse some of the damage already done and prevent new crimes from happening. For example:

• We want to stop the senseless wars and killing innocents for empire, power, and greed.

• We want to bring our troops home and close the 800 military bases we have all over the world in other people's countries.

• We want to withdraw all the obscene trillions of dollars allocated for unconstitutional wars and spend it, instead, on making America whole and strong again.

• We want to bring an end to the rhetoric of hate, fear and anger toward one another -- the negative energy that spawns violent acts of rage by whatever weapons are handy.

• We want to stop the government's intrusion into the decisions of individual lives, from child rearing, to the substances put in the water we drink, to the medicines and treatments we choose, to the education we provide our children.

• We want to end the Federal Reserve and return to debt-free money controlled by the US Treasury. We want our economy back in the hands of Americans, not international bankers.

• We want to awaken millions more to the corruption and divisiveness NOW, while we still have the freedom to do so.

• And we want to ultimately stop the corruption, prosecute the real criminals, and restore our America to its founding principles.

We are not a talk therapy group, though we believe that taking meaningful action can be therapeutic for those of us whose souls have been damaged by the darkness around us. We are looking for and implementing real solutions that can have a significant impact. If you are eager to make a difference, and if you have ideas or skills you think can help, we need your energy and your creativity.

The clock is ticking...

Email us at TX911Truth@gmail.com

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