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Have you ever experienced that utter exhiliration of "being in the zone"? When everything felt perfect, you could see the world crystal clear and time seemed elastic? Taketina is a unique way that allows you to encounter that sense of "being in the zone".

TaKeTiNa is a full-body, full-mind experience. It is simultaneously challenging and safe. No previous movement or music experience is necessary, and no drums are required. Participants come from a diverse array of backgrounds, ages, and interests. The Taketina rhythm process has the ability to repattern deep neurological structures which can have an impact on such diverse aspects of human functioning as emotional balance, pain control, and cognitive learning. Rather than “thinking about rhythm”, in Taketina, you connect directly to the rhythm using your body. Through vocalization, clapping and stepping you are guided into three separate rhythmic layers. It is a musical group process that allows participants to access their innate ability to express and embody rhythm. Taketina reinforces a natural, at your own pace and organic way of learning that can induce a deeply relaxed state. It is a powerful process that can rapidly quiet the chatter in your head and bring you into connection with your inner core. Are you curious? Then come and get a taste of Taketina.

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The Yoga of Rhythm Taketina workshop

Cambridge Masonic Temple


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