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Here's a second opportunity the weekend of August 1st and August 2nd to check out a Taste of TaKeTiNa. These two 90-minute sessions at Candler Park Yoga and Plum Tree Yoga are a small preview of the power of a musical meditation process that is also delivered as a multi-day workshop for enduring resonance.

TaKeTiNa uses RHYTHM and movement to guide you into a state of relaxed, alert presence and expanded awareness. As layers of rhythm are built up by chanting, singing, stepping and clapping you’ll alternate naturally between periods of ease and moments of falling out of rhythm. Be curious; neither effort nor musical skill are needed to come back in. You’re invited – to open up your listening and trust the wisdom of your body. Let go of judgment (either self-criticism or pride) and attachment to “getting it right.” Release anticipation of the next beat or thoughts about the one just past. Each time you fall out of rhythm it’s is a visceral reminder of the opportunity to return to peaceful, accepting presence. It’s there that you’ll meet the music exactly where it is and be carried by the flow of rhythm for exhilarating fun!

Join us for an introduction to TaKeTiNa to find out how the immediate sensorimotor feedback of rhythm can help calibrate your consciousness for greater emotional/spiritual resilience - for healthier, more joyful living!

Facilitated by Colleen Caffrey (
and Amy Jackson ( $ Love offerings of any amount are appreciated at the door. Suggested range: $15 - $40