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We have a different feature game every week. Each week you can play this new game for free and have the chance to win a copy just by playing the game throughout the evening.

We've also now have an extensive, ever growing library of titles including;

Carcassonne (, The Resistance (, Love Letter (, The Walking Dead Card Game (, The Walking Dead: The Board Game (, 7 Wonders (, Dixit (, Zombie Dice (, Carcassonne: Winter Edition (, King of Tokyo (, Mascarade (, The Settlers of Catan (, Star Trek: Catan (, Ticket to Ride (, Resident Evil Deck Building Game (, Hive (, Forbidden Island (, Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland (, The Hobbit (, Munchkin (, Legends of the Three Kingdoms (, Batman: Arkham City Escape (, Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game (, Gears of War: The Board Game (, Battlestar Galactica (, Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves (, Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen (, Snake Oil (, 3012 (, Relic Runners (, Pandemic (, Star Wars: The Card Game (, Takenoko (, Game of Thrones: The Card Game (, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (, Star Trek: Attack Wing (, Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (, Jungle Speed (, Chess ( (Mario and classic sets available), Zombicide (, Pokémon Trading Card Game (, Coup (, Story War (, Dungeon Roll (, Dominion (, Warhammer: Diskwars (, Hanabi (, Android: Netrunner (, Werewolf (, Sopio (, Something Different (, Greedy Wizards (, Monty Python Fluxx (, Super Rhino (, Descent (2nd Edition) (, Agricola (, Jungle Speed Safari (, Splendor (, Space Cadets: Dice Duel (, Street Fighter: Deck Building Game ( and Rampage (

- Also recently added – Summoner Wars: The Master Set (, 8 Minute Empire (, Ghost Stories ( and Android: Infiltration (

Feature Game: Each week we feature a different game. There is usually the opportunity to win a copy of this game just by playing it on the night. Everyone that plays is entered into a free prize draw near the end of the evening.

This Week's Feature Game Is: Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (

Please note that the first edition of this game is generally sold out in shops, but if you are not lucky enough to win a copy next Tuesday, you may be interested in pre-ordering via their Kickstarter: Luchador! Kickstarter (

I will also be bringing along my copies of some other great dice rollers; Marvel: Dice Masters ( (now with a starter set, additional cards and custom TtT Training Mats) and, as requested, Unexploded Cow (!

See ('s Twitter ( and Facebook ( page for further details on a week by week basis.


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