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So i noticed that there is not a lot of groups dedicated to this and that's sad because table top games such as DnD and more are fun regardless of people will admit it or not. Now I work a fair bit and don't get out much but I'm sure there must be people like me that want to meet like minded people in there spare time and just let loose in a world or table top adventures, so with that being said I thought I'd make this group and see how many people will join in. Please don't be shy and show your support. If this gets a good following I will organise something but I'd like everyone to come together to show there support.

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Hey Guys. So as I'm sure none of you are aware I work at a club called Campbell and George. I was thinking about an event and where I could hold it and Bam it hit me, why not the very club I work for. I spoke with the owner of the club and he supports me fully with my idea, I run the restaurant and bistro side so it was easy for me to book the space. The club is very new and trendy and I can have a private room for us. There is no fee but I recommend becoming a member as everything is discounted as a member. It's cots 5 bucks to join up and all drinks and food will be discounted. With all that being said let's get this going shall we. Now I encourage everyone to bring along there own games, it would be great for people to bring along there favorite games to share with everyone and also give us a variety of thing to pick from. The date and time are not fixed, I want to get steel for everyone thoughts and idea before we commit to a time date. I ALSO WANT TO HEAR ALL YOUR IDEAS. I made this group to see its popularity but it consists of you so you so have a say in games, times and any ideas in general so don't be shy to get involved. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and please to hesitate to contribute to the conversation .

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