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The idea is to meet for lunch or dinner at restaurants and bars in Bournemouth. I think 8 to 10 people is the optimum number of people at an event. I will vary the guests list so everyone gets a chance to meet people as well as tailoring events to various interests and ages.

I realise it can be quite awkward meeting new people but we are very friendly and you are welcome to bring a friend or partner to any event.

There is a joining fee of £6.50 which helps with the cost of running Table for Eight.

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Night out at an Indian Restaurant

Little India


https://www.littleindiabournemouth.co.uk At the last Meet Up at Erte in Queens Road we all said how much we really loved Indian food and hope you do too. Little India is our venue. Its probably going to be easier if we choose from the set menu for one £15.95 PER PERSON STARTERS Papadums & Chutney Onion Bhaji Chicken or Lamb Tikka MAIN COURSE Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Aloo Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Bhuna Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Dhansak Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Korma Naan & Side Dish to Share Bombay Aloo Saag Aloo Mushroom Bhaji Tarka Dhal If you are new to Meet Up this would be an ideal event for you and you are assured of a good night and very friendly people so don't be shy! The idea is to book for 8 people. £5 deposit is required 7 days before the event which you will lose if you fail to turn up. It would be refunded if you notify me in time and I can find someone else to attend.

Table for 8 event for the 25s to 35 age group informal meal

Christopher Creeke, Lloyds/Wetherspoons

• What we'll do Table for 8 event for the 25s to 35 age group. The Christopher Creek has an extensive menu with plenty of choice and an excellent range of drinks. I need 8 to 10 people to go to this otherwise it will be cancelled.

Brunch at Cafè Ertà for 25 to 40 age group

Cafe Erte + Lounge Bar

Breakfast or early lunch a great chance to meet up.

Night out at THE REAL GREEK

The Real Greek

I am looking for 4 men and 4 women to go to this at THE REAL GREEK at BH2 Odeon Complex.

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