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New Living Expo: 3 Health Lectures You Don't Want to Miss with Dr Tel-Oren
New Living Expo April[masked] 3 Health Lectures You Don't Want to Miss with Dr Tel-Oren Adiel Tel-Oren (Dr. ‘T’), MD, DC, LN, CCN, gives lectures worldwide, has health inventions, and trains physicians. Other interests include humanitarian projects, black salt, healing retreats and writing books. He is a professor and IAACN board-certified in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and chelation therapy. Free Lecture: Skin and Senility’s Surprising Connection Friday April 27 | 4-4:45 pm | Room 3 | Booth 541 Only “skin-deep”? Your skin and hair’s appearance and condition reveal the health and aging of your brain, gut and other critical organs. Don’t “wait and watch” until something appears surgical or cancer-like. Prevent risk! Age spots signify initial dementia! Small and large red spots = vascular troubles. Scientific, holistic, non-surgical and aesthetic skin system supporting optimal health. Stop or reverse hair loss! Dr.T has 28 years of clinical skin experience. Stop the degeneration of your skin and body! Free Lecture: The “SRT Revolution” to Reverse Sun Deficiency Saturday April 28 | 3-3:45pm | Room 4 | Booth 541 Sun Replacement Therapy (SRT) is healing the sun-deficiency epidemic! Scientifically readjust your circadian rhythm and eliminate depression and anxiety the drug-free way. Introducing the science of “Photo-Nutrient” supplementation via SRT for skin and hair, brain, cardiovascular, emotional, and immune health. The sun has many benefits to your longevity, beauty, mood, energy, and resistance against cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, auto-immune disorders, and infectious diseases. Free Lecture: Eliminate Cancer Fear – Skin, Gut, Prostate, Breast, and More! Sunday April 29 | 1-1:45pm | Room 1 | Booth 541 Detect skin cancer risk safely and accurately at the earliest, easily-reversible stage. Learn simple methods to maximize integrity and longevity of cancer-free skin. Detect and reverse colon cancer risk! Learn how dermatitis, eczema, acne, skin fungus and inflamed gut affect cancer. Learn the scientifically proven dangers of biopsies, mammograms and colonoscopies and safer approaches to skin, colon, and other cancers. This life-saving lecture eliminates the fear of cancer. ____________________________________________________________________ BONUS: Free Panel Discussion: Anti Aging and Life Extension New Therapeutics Advancement to Optimize Health And Longevity Saturday April 28 | 1-2:30pm | Room 7

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Come to our local raw food gatherings to have fun, share raw food meals, discuss vegan diet & health issues, enjoy great lectures and divine music!

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