• A New Beginning..! (D&D5e) (FULL!)

    The Orc's Lair

    The first adventure is a custom adventure that will level your characters and hopefully for a bond with your adventuring companions! I'm only going to run for a maximum of 4 players. Please be ready to play at the same time once every week. If you have any scheduling conflicts (because of LIFE) let me know. I'm hoping for dedicated players who can show up for a majority of the time. You'll need to bring any of the D&D 5e books you can because it's always helpful so everyone can make characters. Also, bring the usual: pencils, dice etc... I will bring character sheets and a copy of my house rules. Any questions or concerns give me a call at (281)[masked] at pretty much any time.

  • Star Wars Destiny Weekly Play - Force Thursdays!

    The Orc's Lair

    Be one with the force and make new friends! Come join us (mostly a big fat group of beginners), to play and learn to play Star Wars Destiny, a great new little game that is starting to really pick up! We're looking for new players, curious players, and friendly players to join us for some Thursday night fun! We start playing Thursday, November 8th, 6pm right alongside of Force of Will! It's Force Thursdays! It's affordable fun that spans the universe and cannon of everyone's favourite far far away galaxy! Casual play to start, then tournaments with prize support once we all get comfortable! Come join us and don't be shy! This is a great even for newbies so come down and feel welcomed at Orc's!

  • Magic the Gathering Pauper Tournaments, 6pm Thursdays!

    It's back by popular demand! Friendly and great for beginners and newbies! No worrying if your cards legal, too old, whatever! It just needs to be common in rarity! Pauper is back and in demand at The Orc's! The excitement is real and we expect a solid fire each week! Bring a friend if you can and join us for a fun and super affordable format of Magic! Not familiar with Pauper? It's super simple! Don't forget, this is a super friendly store and everyone is nice and welcoming! - Build a deck 60 cards or more using ONLY commons! Sideboard of 15 cards is allowed. - If a card was printed as a common at any point in its life, it counts as a common! - Cards can be from any set! No worrying if your card is too old or too new! - The ban list is small and is as follows: Cloud of Faeries Cloudpost Cranial Plating Empty the Warrens Frantic Search Grapeshot Invigorate Peregrine Drake Temporal Fissure Treasure Cruise - We will play every Thursday at 6pm! Come early to practice, trade, look through our bulk commons, or just hang out! - Buy in is $5 and event will be prize supported! - Play 3x 50 minute rounds. - Have an amazing time! Don't have a deck? We have some you can borrow and we can help you make one out of our bulk! More info on Pauper format here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/pauper

  • Force of Will Club! Casual Play and Learn to Play Nights!

    Force of Will is back at The Orc's Lair! Join us every Thursday beginning November 1st at 6pm to both play with friends and learn to play! The format we will be using is "wanderer." This means ALL the cards are legal for play so you don't have to worry about what's in or out of rotation! What this means is no stress, just fun! No one expects you to be good, know all the rules, or never make mistakes! Our goal is to grow a new and friendly community who is less about competition and more about the fun! If you're friendly and would like to play with us, please come and support us and help it grow! We will provide special promo cards weekly for those that come as supplies last! Bring a friend and share the fun! Tournaments can happen once the group gets comfortable!

  • Greger's Grotto (dnd 5e)

    The Orc's Lair


    Hey! This is a campaign that's only a few sessions in, (lvl 2 currently,) and we're looking for more folk to round out the party, all skill levels welcome!

  • Friday Night Magic! Modern 6:45pm, Standard 7pm (Legacy on 1st Fridays)

    Join us for Friday night magic and test out your newest decks! ================================= NOTE/UPDATE! Are now doing Modern Format FNM at 6:45 sharp and standard as usual at 7pm! Please register 30 minutes before! Legacy will be played in lieu of Modern the first Friday of every month, 6:45pm! ================================= We will draft after around 10pm, so please come join us for some awesome fun! You won't regret it! Call ins OK to save a spot! We have the valley's most friendly Magic players! Come join us for organized play every Friday starting at 7pm sharp. Come early to practice your decks and sign in! New players welcome! New fun prizes! For Friday Night Magic: $5.00 fee gets you started and there are 3 rounds of play. Each win snags you a fee booster pack plus free special promo cards are on the house, win or lose to all participates! Draft is 13 bones! Everyone wins at least 1 pack for participating! Yes, everyone wins something! Beginners always welcome! Don't forget to check our events page for more Magic and other events!

  • Cut-Throat Commander - Winner Takes All!

    The Orc's Lair

    Arrrrg, ye be wantin' a bit of competition, well now ye have it! Welcome to Cut-Throat Commander, a meeting of the fearless, daring, and brave! Anyone is welcome to join anytime, even if you're not a seasoned salt! Challenge yourself or prove your worth! Entry is 5 doubloons (dollars for the landlubbers)! - Pods of preferably 4 will be made, and you'll play one game (or more if you want to keep going for another 5 bucks! Go on, rally yer mates!) The winners in each pod of 4 stands to win 6 packs! - Winner at the table gets ALL the packs! We told ye tis was cut-throat! Perhaps he made a wee little deal with you for a pack and pays ye off? Arrrg, tis up to him or her! This is encouraged but up to you! We'll have you fill out your decree of sharing the booty at the table! - This is more competitive, but it's still The Orc's Lair. Don't be getting angry, flippin' tables, or getting all heated or you'll be walking the plank! Friendly sailors only! We all want fun, after all! - If you cut a deal with any players in your pod, be sure you be payin' your debt, or you'll be walkin' the plank too! - Again, if ye want another round, come up with your mates and pay and we'll do it again until we close. Vengeance be afoot!

  • Beginners Only! Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner's Box Adventure for Newbies

    RPG beginners and first timers only please! (Don't worry, a full, longer game of Shadowrun will come shortly after this!) Shadowrun is a setting in the year 2080. Technology, the matrix, and man have become one. Cybernetic eyes, arms, and even organs are common place. Man has become metahumanity now that dwarves, orks, elves, and trolls are being born. Magic has awakened and returned to the planet, dragons are real, and megacorporations rule the world and pull the strings from high atop their towering skyscrappers. You? You're a shadowrunner. And let's face it, any way you sugarcoat it, shadowrunners are the elite criminals in this world. The often seedy bastards who are trying to stay alive and squeeze out a living in the Seattle sprawl where there aint much left honest to do. None that pays, anyway. Maybe you're a massive street samurai troll with the sharpest katana and the flashiest pistols nuyen can buy you, maybe you're an attractive elf who can gets what he or she wants and, trust me, you KNOW it too, or maybe you're stout, matrix smart dwarf with a cyberdeck that can hack any system, or maybe even you're an ork with the power to cast powerful spells of fire and ice at their enemies, leaving them both frigid and burnt at the same time. When problems arise that can't be resolved by the law and the "government," the wealthy, the corporations, the gangs, and organized crime factions will often contract a shadowrunner to get shit done. Stealing the newest tech from a rival corp, making sure the new hot shot VP doesn't make it home that night, maybe escorting a high profile executive to an important meeting through the bad part of town, or maybe helping repo that kidney some chump missed his payment on. It might not always be pretty, but you have to do what you have to do to survive, right? RULES TO JOIN: - 16 and up please. Cyberpunk is a mature setting. Blood, boobs, booze, bad words, bazookas, and other various b-words of benevolent bemusement may occur. - Be a newbie. No RPG experience? Maybe played a game once or twice? Super nervous but really wanna? That's what we like. Let me help that. - Be cool. That means you get along with others and are a pleasure to be around. Chill is the vibe we want. The group is everything. Rules lawyers are free to go to the ice cream shop. - Shouldn't have to be said but if you RSVP, please show up. Seats are limited! Don't be that guy. - Filled up too fast and you missed it? Feel free to join the waitlist. It will gauge interest for more events (I can do more) and you'll have first dibs if someone drops. WHAT YOU NEED: - A friendly attitude - A set of D6 dice (available at venue!) - Characters will be pre-generated! - This event will be free with any purchase from the store!

  • Dice Master Club! Bi-Weekly Meet, Play, and Learn!

    The Orc's Lair

    Dice Masters is now at The Orc's! Come help our community grow! Join us every 2 weeks as we get together and play, teach, and demo Dice Masters! If you are new to any of these events, you will receive a free pack of cards and dice for coming! Join us anytime! We will also teach for free at each event! Universes include Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel, DC, Ninja Turtles, WWE (yes that's coming!), Yu-Gi-Oh, and more! If you're looking for a super affordable, extra easy to learn, crazy fun game, this is something you should try! Great for families too! We have a mix of youngsters and adults who play and everyone is VERY welcoming and friendly! Casual beginner friendly tournament play once the group is more established! Don't be shy! It's highly recommended! Kid friendly and a ton of strategy and team building for the grownups! Share with a friend! Great night for families to learn and play together too!

  • Cyberpunk 2020++

    The Orc's Lair

    We are a friendly group of local players who are looking to build a community and a game world. ****"********"""**"""****************** It's time to get cybered up and get your punk on. NightCity needs your help over throwing the tyranny of the mega corps. *************************************** For those interested in playing: If your new to the game please let us know you are interested. We will help you make a character, explain the basics of the setting, and the core rules before hand. Randomly showing up is welcome, but will most likely result in either playing an NPC, or hanging out with us out of character. The store has copies of the systems main rule book if you would like to read them before hand. P.S. We don't bite.... much.