(FULL) D&D Session for Beginners

This is a past event

6 people went

Price: $2.00
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D&D Session for Beginners
6pm - 9pm
The Orc’s Lair

Cover charge is $2 per player, covers your seat, a drink, and a fun time!

Session Details -
We spent the 1st few weeks meeting up and getting a feel for the basics; now it's time to start a campaign! I'll be your DM for the adventure.

This adventure supports 5-6 players. I want to be as fair as possible so here goes... This campaign is open to the following folks (based on attendance to the other sessions that happened in May)

Tim, Fran, Ben, Veronica, Steve, and Bob
I’ll be the DM for the session(s)

Sounds like most in the group would prefer to meet weekly. If you can't commit to that no worries; just let me know in advance if you need to miss a week and can factor that into the prep work for the following session.

Please create a level 1 character prior to our first session. I suggest using the following site for that (super easy & fun) http://www.fastcharacter.com/

Message me if you have any questions…