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    Currently running games in College Park and Baltimore, primarily Paranoia
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    I don't believe in gnomes.
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    My friends refer to me as "The PEDME"- The Prime Evil Dungeon Master Extraordinaire"; because I seldom say no to a player's request and they often regret it. I firmly believe a good DM is all about what the players want and making it happen.
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    Call me Mathias.
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    Sometimes I have a beard; I can't control that fact, I can only attempt to tame the beast that lives beneath my skin.
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    Experienced DND gamer. I'm also a GM who is looking for players for my own games- they're non-DND, but still lots of fun!
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    Agent of Chaos, Merchant of Furniture, Jailer of Servants, Trap Taker to the Face, and Guy who Can't Swim in Heavy Armor (It is actually in the Player's Handbook Doug, just hidden in a weird place, so you were right)
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    Hey gang, My name is Doug and I run the Tabletop Gaming League in Germantown. I am currently studying in college right now to become a teacher. I am an Experienced Dungeon Master and bring my A-Game to every campaign I write and run each week.